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The Life of a Triathlete resume example is what to relay to a potential partner when you want to enter into a relationship going forward. Cody Beals. Professional triathlete, nerd in jocks clothing. Continue reading My Fourth Year Pro Triathlon Budget. Ahhhhh Triathlon Training My old friend!!! It has been awhile! After Ironman Wisconsin I took a LOT of time off swimbikerun and just let my body heal up and. View this sample resume for a firefighter, or download the firefighter resume template in Word.. tasks, drills and fire alarms. Physically fit (Ironman triathlete) community-minded (volunteer in school and community safety, medical, emergency-preparedness and fire-prevention programs) and current on all required training. This free sample cover letter for a sports coach has an accompanying sports coach sample resume.. Sports coach cover letter.. of triathlon on a. Sep 13, 2008. Hey guys.i have been working on my resume and since i am a full-time college student living off of financial aid i dont have to much to put on there. i was wondering whether it would be a good idea to put the san francisco marathon, which i completed on aug 3rd. If so, what would i put it under and also if i.

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