The Poem My Dog Ate My Homework

My Dog Ate My Homework

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The Dog Ate My Homework by Sara Holbrook The dog ate my homework. Youve heard that before? This one ate the table, then chewed through the door. Broke into the living room with his munch mouth, snacked on some carpet, and lunched on the couch. He chewed up some albums, then swallowed the mail, even ate. MY DOGGY ATE MY HOMEWORK - by Dave Crawley My doggy ate my homework. He chewed it up, I said. But when I offered my excuse My teacher shook her head. There was an entire wall in the foyer devoted to my poem, The Dog Ate My Homework. Classroom Connection My Dog Ate My Homework is a great book that can help introduce poems to children. This a poem by Kenn Nesbitt, a poet who writes poems for childrens My Dog Ate My Homework by Bruce Lansky. About this Poem. My dog chewed up my homework is a common excuse used by students who dont turn in their homework. Usually, its a fib to cover up the fact that the student. In this poem I concoct a scenario likely to be believed (and taken seriously) by the teacher. Ive been lucky to feature several childrens books recently and am delighted to be reviewing The Dog Ate My Homework and other poems for children by.

My Dog Ate My Homework