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Front Desk Agent Resume samples Work Experience. Front Desk Agent, Hyatt Fishermans Wharf (Sep 2007 - Present) Assistant General Manager, Extended Stay Hotels (Jul. Hotel Front Desk Receptionist. Welcomed guests upon entry to the hotel, assisted with check in and check out. Answered phones, booked reservations, respond to emails and electronic reservations. Kept records of occupied rooms and guests accounts. Prepared check out receipts and collected payments from departing guests. The resume above covers a person who worked as a front desk clerk and hotel bellhop. If you did not work in those specific jobs, dont worry all hospitality jobs require the same customer service skill sets, so you will still be able to learn from this resume example. Front desk agents may work in hotels and resorts, medical and legal offices or for private businesses. Although you dont typically need formal education for this job, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that openings for these positions will increase more slowly than average. An outstanding resume can give you an.

Resume Example For Hotel Front Desk. Resume.