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Nov 21, 2017. All Honors College students must complete a research track consisting of either a thesis or capstone course. USF Honors College Senior Thesis. An outline detailing the research track of the thesis or capstone course requirement for USF Honors students. Allesandra, Brittany, and Desirae successfully defended their Honors theses and graduated with their BS degrees from USF. Brittany presented her Honors thesis work on Thesis Day in the Honors College. Brittany presented her Honors thesis research at the USF Undergraduate Research forum. Amber. USF Postdoctoral Affairs Travel Award In E. Grigorenko (Ed.), Handbook of juvenile forensic psychology and (Unpublished senior honors thesis). to top three honors thesis presentations, Dartmouth College. Usf honors thesis, Honors Courses. Honors classes at USFSP replace most of the Universitys liberal arts and exit requirements as well. A USF Honors Thesis Presentation in association with the USF Art In Health Program.

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