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Mar 9, 2015. RESUM. BY DOROTHY PARKER. Razors pain you. Rivers are damp. Acids stain you. And drugs cause cramp. Guns arent lawful. Nooses give. Gas smells awful. You might as well live. ANALYSIS. Unlike most poems that require extensive poring over and stringent analysis, Resum, by the. Of those ten volumes, three have never gone out of print the Bible, the Shakespeareand The Portable Dorothy Parker (Silverstein 58). Parker was a prolific writer of. The alcohol use and chronic depression led to four suicide attempts and some of her most famous work, including the poem Rsum. Her poems (and. This Site Might Help You. RE Can someone please provide an analysis of the poem resume by dorothy parker, please. its an emergency? it is part of my. Resum by Dorothy Parker..Razors pain you Rivers are damp Acids stain you And drugs cause cramp. Guns arent lawful Nooses give Gas smells awful You might as well live.. Page. like what a resume normally is. However, the poem only contains a list of ways to suicide, and reasons why the speaker cannot suicide that way. This information also connects to research found on the author of the poem, Dorothy Parker, who was a famous poet who. Tips for literary analysis essay about Resum by Dorothy Parker. Use the criteria sheet to understand greatest poems or improve your poetry analysis essay. Rhyme scheme ababcdcd. Apr 14, 2009. ---Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parkers Resume As we approach the middle of the second year of my National Poetry Month blog Im beginning to notice myself evolving as a blogger. One thing in particular is. Do you expect my analysis to unlock the essence of the poem for you? Do you hope that Ill write less.
When I am old, and comforted, And done with this desire, With Memory to share my bed And Peace to share my fire, Ill comb my hair in scalloped bands The stroke of comic genius in this poem is clearly the title. Resum Track Info. Home D Dorothy Parker Resum

ACR322: Résumé by Dorothy Parker (Azizah's Post)