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Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Vol 15, July 2010, pp 313-328 LITERATURE REVIEW IPR General Knowledge management and the contextualisation This report documents the work performed during phase one of Project 0-5534, Asset ManagementTexas. Style. The overall purpose of the research is to develop state-of-the-practice asset management methodologies for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). These methodologies will support. Literature reviews and qualitative meta-analysis are applied in scientific articles that are published in top-ranked journals. One of the major challenges after decades of intellectual property research on the management of IP assets (Grindley and Teece, 1997). Public financial management reform literature review. This literature review aims to synthesise the main theoretical approaches and findings from evaluations of PFM reform programmes, and to identify knowledge gaps. RISKS MANAGEMENT NEW LITERATURE REVIEW. management through a short new suggestion of literature review for risk management.. intrinsic property of any. empirical and statistical analysis, and (iii) it has the SERVQUAL instrument. Technical dimensions are solely based on literature review. Five dimensions have been chosen namely cleanliness, building services, signage, security and parking as a robust and comprehensive to cover the property management services. Jan 30, 2009. Building management and maintenance has gained its importance after a series of disastrous building-related incidents in Hong Kong. To facilitate the management of an. building management apartment buildings hedonic price model Hong Kong. Download article PDF. LITERATURE REVIEW.