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Many funding organizations provide award-specific guidance for crafting a sound personal essay. Donald Asher -Writing a Personal Statement Center for Career and Professional Development Quick Reference Guide http. Our PhD and Masters degree experts write outstanding personal statement essays on various topics. Get academic assistance from our company and be successful with us. The admission officers of top universities have shared their opinion on what common mistakes the students make when writing their personal statement (motivation letter or essay). See also examples of successful personal statements (admission essays). A successful personal statement demonstrates these essential qualities of a successful writer. Beyond securing a spot in a writing program, the personal statement (sometimes called a statement of objectives, statement of purpose or personal essay). Apr 27, 2017. Deciding what to say in an application essay is the most challenging part of the admissions process for some law school hopefuls. Even people who are good writers often have a hard time writing about themselves, says Jessica Pishko, an admissions consultant and writing tutor at Accepted, a Los.

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