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DEAR JOYCE At 58, should my resume include the years I graduated from school, which is another way of stating my age? J.M. The classic choice is to make your resume age-neutral by omitting graduation dates. Mar 27, 2017. A common question job seekers have is, Do I need to include the graduation year on my resume? There are a few reasons why one may want to leave their graduation year off a resume. The major reason is age discrimination which unfortunately still does exist in the workplace today. It goes both ways. Recruiters and resume experts draw a firm line between putting your best foot forward and lying on your resume.. to omit graduation. include the year,. Should you exclude your graduation year from your resume since it can be indicative of your age?. Well, for one, career experts agree There is no rule that you have to put your graduation year on your resume. The very appearance of a graduation year on a resume can, by itself, lead to a discriminatory way of thinking that counts against the job candidate at some point. Do yourself and your resume a favor. This resume sample shows how you can position your high school education, extracurriculars and love of animals to land a job as a veterinary assistant. A reader writes Im over 50 and have been laid off due to my company downsizing. Our HR director was kind enough to present a resume- writing session recently. He said that we should leave our year of graduation off our resumes, so as not to date ourselves. I dont agree because to me it looks like one.

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