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These pairs were the most obvious historical partners but some theorists cut across these pairings Alain Badiou for example was a student of Louis Althussers in the 1960s. For the purposes of the present essay there is in fact very little cutting across of my original pairings in the case of Slavoj Zizek and Jean Baudrillard. An Essay on Baudrillard..ways French sociologist, Jean Baudrillard is described in academic literature. Capucci also acknowledges the role of Jean Baudrillard (and others) in theorizing simulation but an analysis of the philosophy of simulation is beyond the scope of his perceptive and thought provoking essay. In this paper I delve specifically into Baudrillards thought on simulation as a way of contributing to Noemas effort to. This essay presents a condensed version of an argument about the sign, the. Baudrillards writing has, since L Echange symbolique et la mort4 increasingly approximated a blank surface reflecting only the awful terror of what it had once tried to name.. Jean Baudrillard has a knack for a kind of McLuhanesque in depth.

Theoretical Times: Realigning Baudrillard and Žižek