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Should you include your GPA on your resume? Learn when to include your GPA and when to omit it-- or replace it with your GPA within your major. I am a recent grad double majoring in CEEE. I have been looking for a job and submitting my resume and am wondering if I have a bad strategy. This recent grad misrepresented her GPA on her resume and was unceremonious fired. It was embarrassing for her, it was sad to watch the scene unfold. Learn when you should include your GPA on a resume and get other tips for what to include in the education section of a resume. A typo or other error on your resume is often fatal to a job search. Your eye will more easily see the mistakes if you review a printed version as opposed to a version on a computer screen. Representing Grades and Rank on Resumes. As a general rule, if your GPA is in the top half of the class, or starts with a 3, include it.

GPA on the Resume