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Headshot and Resume
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Headshot and resume
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If you are pursuing a career in acting it is important that you have a solid headshot and a rsum. A rsum is the representation of you. Print Headshots with HD Quality. High Quality headshot printing Sep 2, 2015. As an actor, one might assume that everyone with a passion for acting would stay up to date on proper etiquette in submitting headshots and resumes to prospective employers, but it seems thats a wrong assumption. So, Im here to help. The term employers is used loosely because acting gigs are not. Today is a very simple lesson on how to achieve the same size headshot and resume! It can be difficult to figure out how to do this but once youve got it yo.
Hello, What is neccesary for printing resume on back of headshot. I called Kinkos and they were no help. They wanted to print the shot as well. If I. Feb 25, 2012. Do not include a headshot or photo with your rsum.

Headshot & Resume — Ally Carey